Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500

- 4 sizes (0/1/2/3) imaging plates available

- 1.5kg lightweight

- Mini-size and portable

- 5s faster imaging

Product Detail

Product Description

Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500 (1)

- One-click imaging
Convenient operation, fast response, efficient and easy

- Quick scanning
Advanced galvanometer scanning technology, high-speed scanning, high-precision, stable performance, output image within 5s.

Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500 (2)
Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500 (3)

- Mini-size and portable
With weight less than 1.5kg, it is highly integrated, ultra-small, more flexible to use, and convenient for multi-point mobile diagnosis and treatment. Using the new patented design of dental scanner, the traditional scanning structure system is replaced by MEMS micromirror, which simplifies the structure of the traditional dental scanner and greatly reduces the scanner’s size.

- Strong image recognition
High sensitivity and contrast, strong image recognition and clearer imaging. Specially designed laser scanning structure effectively prevents the difference due to different spot size from different scanning angle, avoiding problems such as being unclear or low resolution of a certain part of the IP plate.

Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500 (7)

- 4 sizes
It is flexible since it is suitable for 4 sizes of imaging plates. According to the filming needs of different groups of people and diseases, it perfectly meets various application scenarios.

- The patented design of the arc-shaped slot flat-in-and-flat-out IP plate tray
Through reasonable plan and design of the IP plate tray structure, the tray is flat in and out, which realizes the simple adsorption and separation of IP plates, and avoids IP plates’ dropping and magnetic interference.
And the two sides of the IP plate tray are changed to curved notches, which is convenient to take and put IP plates when the tray is ejected. It avoids image loss caused by improper operation of fingerprints attached to the surface of IP plates when reading the film, reduces the possibility of damage to IP plates, reduces unnecessary loss rate, and prolongs its service life.

Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500 (8)

- Safety and environmental protection
The use of SiPM detectors lowers the scanner’s power consumption and voltage, improves the stability and speeds up its response.

Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500 (9)

- Twain standard protocol
The unique scanner driver protocol of Twain allows our sensors to be perfectly compatible with other software. Therefore, you can still use the existing database and software while using Handy’s sensors, removing your trouble of expensive imported brands’ sensors repair or high-cost replacement.

- Powerful imaging management software
The imaging management software, HandyDentist, is carefully developed by Handy’s engineers. It is compatible with all Handy’s products and convenient for rapid switching of equipment in the same system. Besides, it only takes 1 minute to install and 3 minutes to get started. It realizes one-click image processing, saves doctors' time, easily finds problems, and completes diagnosis and treatment efficiently. HandyDentist image management software provides a powerful management system to facilitate effective communication between doctors and patients.

Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500 (10)

- Optional high-performance webs software
Handydentist can be edited and viewed from various computers as the optional high-performance web software support shared data.

- ISO13485 Quality Management System for medical device
ISO13485 quality management system for medical device ensures the quality so that customers can rest assured.





Laser Spot Size


Imaging Time

< 6s

Laser Wavelength



< 1.5kg



Operation System

Windows 7/10/11 (32bit&64bit)

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