- Lightweight metal body

- UVC Free-Driver

Product Detail

Product Description

- HD
The image quality of 1080P FHD, with distortion lower than 5%, can perfectly present cracked teeth.

- Sturdy metal body
The electroplated aluminum alloy shell is easy to clean and durable. As its hand feel is close to that of a dental handpiece, it is easier for doctors to operate.

Intraoral Camera HDI-220C (2)

- Natural lighting
6 LED lights of natural lighting, meet the needs of the best light source for tooth colorimetry, and allow you to obtain real image colors inside the mouth under different operating environments. The light-transmitting design of the LED backlight panel brings a new user experience.

Intraoral Camera HDI-220C (3)

- Professional dental lens
Professional dental camera lens with long service life and strong anti-aging ability. It is easy for doctors to take photos, increasing the trust of clinics’ patients and the rate of outpatient visits.

- Mechanical buttons
The mechanical buttons feel comfortable and more convenient

Intraoral Camera HDI-220C (4)
Intraoral Camera HDI-220C (5)

- High resolution sensors
The imaging sensor is imported from America, a large area of 1/3-inch; Single-chip WDR solution with up to 115dB dynamic range; The obtained hyperspectral image can provide a continuous spectral curve and improve the accuracy of tooth color judgment. Therefore, the colorimetric results are more scientific and reasonable.

- UVC Free-Driver
Compliant with standard UVC protocol, it eliminates the tedious process of installing drivers and allows a plug-and-use. As long as the third-party software supports the UVC protocol, it can also be used directly without additional drivers.

HDR-500600 (7)

- Twain standard protocol
The unique scanner driver protocol of Twain allows our sensors to be perfectly compatible with other software. Therefore, you can still use the existing database and software while using Handy’s sensors, removing your trouble of expensive imported brands’ sensors repair or high-cost replacement.

- Powerful imaging management software
As the digital image management software, HandyDentist, was carefully developed by Handy’s engineers, it only takes 1 minute to install and 3 minutes to get started. It realizes one-click image processing, saves doctors' time to easily finds problems and efficiently completes diagnosis and treatment. HandyDentist image management software provides a powerful management system to facilitate effective communication between doctors and patients.

- Optional high-performance webs software
Handydentist can be edited and viewed from various computers as the optional high-performance web software support shared data.

- ISO13485 Quality Management System for medical device
ISO13485 quality management system for medical device ensures the quality so that customers can rest assured.






1080P (1920*1080)

Focus Range

5mm - 35mm

Angle of View

≥ 60º


6 LEDs


USB 2.0



Operation System

Windows 7/10 (32bit&64bit)

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