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Brand New HDS-500 on Sale!

Digital Imaging Plate Scanner HDS-500; One-click reading and 5.5s imaging; Metal body, black and silver color; Simple without losing texture


Ultra small size, 1.5kg lightweight

Easy to move

Upgrading HDS-500 Scanner for Sale!  (2)

High sensitivity, strong image recognition and clearer imaging

Upgrading HDS-500 Scanner for Sale!  (4)
Upgrading HDS-500 Scanner for Sale!  (1)

Arc-shaped slot flat-in-and-flat-out tray design

Avoid image loss caused by improper operation when reading the film

Reduces unnecessary loss rate of the imaging plate

Prolongs the dental film’s service life

Suitable for 4 sizes of imaging plates.

Aim at meeting needs of different groups of people and diseases

Perfectly meet various application scenarios

Upgrading HDS-500 Scanner for Sale!  (5)

Handy Dentist Imaging Management Software

1 minute to install and 3 minutes to get started

Easy to operate and get started

Easy to find problems and complete diagnosis and treatment efficiently

Teeth checking is that simple.

Post time: Feb-15-2023