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HDR-360/460 is on the hot sale!

12.27 (2)- Direct USB

Helps to make it more convenient to use and carry, and offer faster transmission speed, lower power consumption, and longer service life.

- FOP and low power consumption
The built-in FOP and low power consumption design effectively prolong the sensor’s service life. As shown in the picture, the red X-rays from A are converted into yellow visible light after flashing, but there are still some red X-rays. After passing through FOP, there’s no red X-ray left.

- High resolution scintillators
The high-resolution scintillator produces more realistic HD images, and fine furcations can also be easily found.
Csl Scintillators have pin-like crystals along which light travels. Therefore, CsI sensors have higher resolution and better emission than scintillators composed of other crystals.

- Wide dynamic range
Both low and high dose can be easily shot, which greatly reduces the requirements for filming and the possibility of film wasting, and improves the image resolution and sensitivity.

- Wide exposure range
The shooting width of 22.5mm exceeds the global average height of molars and can shoot the whole three teeth. When our peer companies are still providing conventional (No. 1) sensors with an effective area of 20x30mm, we have already designed a sensor with a height of 22.5mm which is more in line with the global average molar height of 22mm, based on clinical practice.

- Optimized chip combination
The CMOS image sensor which is paired with an industrial-grade microfiber panel and the advanced AD-guided technology restores the real tooth picture, so that subtle root apex furcations can also be easily found with clearer and more delicate images. Besides, it helps to save about 75% of the cost compared with traditional dental film shooting.
The built-in elastic protective layer is used to alleviate the impact of external stress, which is not easy to be damaged when dropped or subjected to pressure, reducing users’ costs.


- Durable
The data cable has been tested for millions of times of bending, which is more durable and provides good quality assurance. The PU with strong tear resistance is used as the protective cover, which is easy to clean and has good bending resistance. The ultra-fine conductive copper wire has passed the rigorous bending test also ensures its durability. Handy also offers cable replacement service, freeing you from extra worries.

- Sterilizable liquid soaking
According to repeated verification by engineers, the sensor is tightly stitched and reaches the IPX7 waterproof level, able to be soaked and disinfected thoroughly to avoid secondary cross-infection.

- Twain standard protocol
The unique scanner driver protocol of Twain allows our sensors to be perfectly compatible with other software. Therefore, you can still use the existing database and software while using Handy’s sensors, removing your trouble of expensive imported brands’ sensors repair or high-cost replacement.

- Powerful imaging management software
As the digital image management software, HandyDentist, was carefully developed by Handy’s engineers, it only takes 1 minute to install and 3 minutes to get started. It realizes one-click image processing, saves doctors’ time to easily finds problems and efficiently completes diagnosis and treatment. HandyDentist image management software provides a powerful management system to facilitate effective communication between doctors and patients.

- Optional high-performance webs software
Handydentist can be edited and viewed from various computers as the optional high-performance web software support shared data.

- ISO13485 Quality Management System for medical device
ISO13485 quality management system for medical device ensures the quality so that customers can rest assured.

Post time: Dec-29-2023