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The Anti-Commodities Fleeing Management System in Shanghai Handy Will Be Implemented in September, 2022

In order to better maintain the sales channels and price system of regional agents in Shanghai Handy's own brand products and foreign trade so that all end-users can get the technical support and services of regional agents as soon as possible and get better use and service experience of Handy’s products, Shanghai Handy will implement the following measures and policies from Sept. 1st, 2022.

Handy’s outer package and application of both domestic and overseas trade products will be clearly set apart and restricted.

- Outer Package

The outer package of domestic trade products is unified with laser printing of a domestic trade logo pasted with "D".

Handy anti-tampering management system to be implemented from  (1)

The outer packaging of overseas trade products is unified with laser printing of an overseas trade logo pasted with "O".

Handy anti-tampering management system to be implemented from  (2)

- Software

Handy’s production and after sales department will record the information code of all products’ manufacturing and after sales service to facilitate the traceability and processing of all products.

If sales agents of domestic and overseas trade need carry out cross-border sales or cross-regional sales, they must apply to Shanghai Handy for reporting. Only after being confirmed and authorized, can they enjoy the normal warranty policies and technical services of products. Cross-regional sales products without confirmed and authorized need to be repaired for a fee, and is not allowed to enjoy after sales service and guarantee during the normal warranty period.

For the international version, please look for the “O” logo.

Post time: Feb-15-2023