Digital Sensor Bracket HDT-P01

- Simple and convenient installation and use

- Effectively stabilize the shooting angle of sensors

Product Detail

Product Description

Digital Sensor Holder (1)

- Easy to use as there is only one bracket and doctors only need to fix the sensor on the bracket and place it on the corresponding tooth in patients’ mouth.

- X-ray tube fixing bracket has left and right parts, which can vertically fix the X-ray tube to the sensor and accurately get all the information from the sensor.

- Dental x-ray sensor bracket, which can fix sensors in position, eliminating the risk of displacement.

- Excellent sensor protection without damage to sensors.

- Perfect fit as the size can be adjusted according to different head sizes.

- With considerate, durable, high-quality and lightweight materials, it can be placed both horizontally and vertically to provide maximum comfort for the patients.

- Autoclavable

- Structure
It consists of a main body bracket, a left fixing bracket and a right fixing bracket.

- Instructions
1.Fix the matching dental x-ray imaging equipment to the silicone sleeve of the dental x-ray sensor fixing bracketol.

Digital sensor bracket HDT-P01 digital sensor bracket stands out for its innovative design and construction.  It is made of high-quality materials designed to extend service life and durability.  The support is light in weight, compact in structure, easy to carry, and easy to install and use, effectively stabilize the sensor shooting Angle 

Digital Sensor Holder HDT-P01 (1)

2. Put a disposable protective bag over the dental x-ray sensor fixing bracket.

Digital Sensor Holder HDT-P01 (2)

3. Install the left fixing bracket and the right fixing bracket in the empty slot of the main body bracket.

Digital Sensor Holder HDT-P01 (3)

4. Starting shooting.

- Transport And Storage
The packaged products should be stored in a clean room with room temperature, relative humidity not exceeding 95%, no corrosive gas, and good ventilation.



Name of Parts






Main Body Bracket





Fixing Bracket





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